Exit In Pocket Exit In Pocket
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What is this?

"Come on! Move! Now!"

Now, you have completed the preparation for dangerous situations! With this "Exit In Pocket", you can point everyone around you a refuge by displaying your iPhone.

You can be able not only to use this app by yourself alone but also to use this app by multiple iPhones and iPod Touches. So, this is very useful when you want a conspicuous marker in a large space. The marker can be 45 inches by 24 inches, when you place 100 iPhones and iPod Touches as 10-by-10.

You can choose an image from your Camera Roll, so this app can become a huge photo frame which displays your favorite pictures.

How it looks?

You can use this App vertically and horizontally...

You can use this App with your friends...

You can use this App as a big photo frame of your image.

How can I get it?
  • 2009.11.25 Released version 1.0.
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